Enhance Spray Tanning


Half-Body Tan (£15)

  • Face
  • Chest
  • Arms
  • Upper Back

Full-Body Tan (£22)

  • Full Body Coverage
    (minus areas covered or those you do not wish to have tanned)

Full-Body Tan for Two to Three People (£17 each)

  • Full Body Coverage
    (minus areas covered or those you do not wish to have tanned)

Group/Party Tan for Four or More People (£15 each)

  • Great discounts available. The more, the merrier!

Prices are applicable within an 8 mile radius of Braintree. Tans outside of this area may be subject to an additional travel charge.

To arrange a convenient time to have your own spray tan, please contact us.


Sienna X Gradual Glowing Self Tan (£14.95)

A rich and luxurious moisturising cream with 4% DHA to gradually build up a natural looking sun-kissed tan or use to prolong a Sienna X sunless tan. Contains aloe vera, sweet almond oil and cocoa butter. Anti cellulite formula improves appearance of the skin.

Sienna X Express Tanning Mist (£14.95)

Whether from the sun or from a spray tan, your face is always going to lose that tan quicker than the rest of your body. To give the same vibrant look towards the end of your tan's 'life' use our Sienna X Touch-Up and to ensure you have this longevity between tans!

Sienna X Instant Bronzing Gel (£11.95)

A luxurious instant bronzing gel that blends easily into a flawless tan, moisturising and conditioning, this quick fix is perfect for an instant bronzed glow or to enhance a tan. A streak free natural colour which is non transferable and washes off at the end of your day. Fragranced with vanilla orchid and pomegranate.

Enhance Spray Tanning Full Body Tan Gift Voucher

Enhance Spray Tanning Gift Voucher (£22)

Treat a family member or friend to a Full Body Tan.

Enhance Spray Tanning

What products do you use?

We use a professional spray tan solution called Sienna X.

Sienna X are a leading spray tan brand that provide equipment and solutions to beauticians, therapists and salons across the UK and throughout Europe. These solutions are enriched with aloe vera and other natural top quality ingredients to nourish your skin. They also have a fantastic tropical fragrance.

Sienna X solutions are now alcohol and paraben free.

We carry a range of these solutions to suit every skin tone; even the very fair.

How long does the treatment take?

Treatment only takes 10-15 minutes to apply, and then takes 6-8 hours to completely develop. You can then shower, leaving you with a beautiful and natural looking tan. The darker you tan naturally, the darker you will tan with a spray tan.

How long will the tan last?

Your gorgeous tan will last approximately 5-7 days or possibly longer, depending on your skin type and lifestyle. A sunless tan gradually fades just as a tan from the sun would.

Enhance Spray Tanning

What are the risks?

Fake tanning has come a long way since the early days, with improved solutions and machines virtually eliminating streaking and orange after-effects.

Does the treament cause any mess?

There is no mess to worry about, as we use a pop-up spray tan cubicle to ensure that carpet and furnishings are completely protected.

Another question…

If you have any other questions or queries before having your own spray tan, please do not hesitate to contact us.